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The best ways to Know More regarding the Top Quality Faucet Extender for Toddlers?
Should you be looking forward to achieve the very best quality faucet extender for toddlers it is important to check out the WhaleyWasher. This company provides unmatched quality faucet extender and soap dispenser too in any bid to instill confidence within the toddlers throughout the early childhood.

Why WhaleyWasher?

WhaleyWasher certainly is the brain child of Rebecca who herself holds a PhD in nursing research and practice from one of the leading academic medical centre of the nation. Being mom of three, Rebecca found it a disaster to hoister the toddlers several times on a daily basis with turning on the faucet. In a bid to terminate for this problem that parents face on a daily basis, Rebecca created the very idea of the faucet extender for toddlers and soap dispenser in addition. Gain more info about faucet extender for toddlers

How Exactly Does The Item Work?

If you are wondering that whether this product will require lot of hard works to be done, you are wrong. You just need to follows some simple steps.

1: You have to remove the existing aerator from the faucet.

2: Now you will have to match the existing aerator to one of the included aerator.

3: Screwing the faucet adaptor into the faucet will be the next step to follow.

4: Now you need to attach the whaleywasher to the adapter.

5: Removal of soap plug and filling it with liquid hand soap needs to be done at this step.

6: Setting the water temperature to the desired pressure will give you to the best experience.

7: Now you toddlers can place one hand on the top of the whaleywasher and another one to push up on the soap dispenser.
8: Washing hands has just been made easier for your toddler so that he or she can enjoy washing hands and feel independent as well.